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    How to be fashionably and fabulously happy ever Afterpay!

    Afterpay, baby! It is simply glorious.  This new revolutionary way of payment - which could well be the best addition to the fashion industry since Chanel launched No. 5; or Audrey Hepburn made famous the LBD – has made updating your wardrobe with the latest styles more accessible and affordable... View Post
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    Get To Know Us - Q&A

    Working together was never something fashionista duo Carmel and Maddie Jones had planned on, but when the chance came up to take on – and transform – what had become one of Mackay region's most iconic brands, it was a classic case of opportunity finding them! 

    Today, with a quick Q&A, we chat to the mother-daughter business partners to get a glimpse into their stylish world and find out what makes them tick… 

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    Festival Edit

    Oh, who doesn't just love a festival? Especially when we live in this wonderful part of the world. We are spoilt by winters brimming with sunshine and a teasing hint of nip in the air.  Flowing natural fabrics and free-form lines meet the texture of knits and the structured command of boots this... View Post